2020 International conference on Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry
Prof. Masaji Watanabe

Prof. Masaji Watanabe

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Prof. Masaji Watanabe

Emeritus Professor of Okayama University, Japan; Specially Appointed Professor of Andalas University, Indonesia.


Demonstration of Numerical Techniques for microbial depolymerization process of xenobiotic polymer


In a microbial depolymerization process, microorganisms utilize a polymer as a carbon source for growth and activity. This fact leads to a model that involves a time factor and a molecular factor of a degradation rate. Experimental results are introduced into inverse problem of those factors. Once inverse problems are solved numerically, a microbial depolymerization process is simulated. Those techniques are demonstrated with an example.

Research Area:

Applied Mathematics

Research Experience:

Prof. Masaji Watanabe works in research areas of applied mathematics,  his research fields include microbial depolymerization processes. He has been working on subjects such as biodegradation processes of polyethylene and polyethylene glycol in joint studies with Professor Fusako Kawai (Emeritus Professor, Okayama University). He specializes in mathematical analysis including mathematical modeling, inverse analysis, and numerical simulation.