2020 International conference on Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry
Prof. Liangnian He

Prof. Liangnian He


Prof. Liangnian He

Nankai University


Carbon Dioxide in Green Organic Synthesis


Though carbon dioxide represents a waste material, its use as a carbon sustainable feedstock in organic synthesis has aroused global interest.1 CO2 is a cheap source of carbon, ubiquitous and unlimitedly available, thus provides a viable starting point within the context of sustainable catalysis. In this context, we have proposed CO2 Chemistry as a way towards a climate neutral synthetic chemistry and several strategies2-3 including carbon capture and utilization, in situ catalysis, hierarchical reduction to upgrade CO2 into valuable compounds and fuels.


Research Area:

Green chemistry, catalysis, and CO2 chemistry ,green technology related to desulfurization.

Research Experience:

Prof. Liang-Nian He obtained a doctorate in Chemistry from Nankai University. He was an oversea student returning program (Ministry of Education of China) in 2004 having gotten AIST (National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Japan) fellowship 2002-2003, NEDO (New Energy Development Organization, Japan) fellowship 1999-2002.

More than 260 papers with h-index of 56 were published in Angew. Chem., Energy Environment Sci., Advanced Sci., ACS Catal., Green Chem. etc. and 25 patents were granted. He has edited 20 books and chapters (ACS book series, John Wiley & Sons, Springer, Elsevier, CRC Press, and Taylor & Francis, Chinese Sci. Press), and delivered over 80 invited lectures at international conferences, universities and institutes.

Currently, Dr He is a Professor of Chemistry at Nankai University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (from 2011), “Chutian Scholarship” Distinguished Professor (from 2009), Bentham Ambassador (from 2016). He became one of Most Cited Chinese Researchers, Elsevier in 2014-2018, the top 1% of highly cited authors in RSC journals in 2014-2017. An award for Advancement of Science and Technology of PLA (2017), Nature Science of Tianjin in 2015, Lectureship of Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (2018), The CSIRO Distinguished Visiting Professor at (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia 2019).

He now is a Series Editor of “Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology (Springer)”, and the editor-in-chief of “Current Organic Synthesis” (Bentham Science), and is on the editorial board of a dozen of international scientific journals such as Journal of CO2 Utilization (Elsevier), Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry (Elsevier),Science Bulletin (In Chinese), Min-review in Organic Chemistry (Bentham Science), etc.

His current research interests cover green chemistry, catalysis, and CO2 chemistry (CO2 activation and catalytic conversion into fuels/value-added chemicals; in situ transformation of CO2: combination of CO2 capture and subsequent conversion to chemicals and fuel-related products in a carbon neutral cycle, reductive functionalization of CO2), catalysis in green solvents, biomass conversion, and green technology related to desulfurization.